ISO - ICS Category: 27 - Energy and Heat Transfer Engineering

ICS Category: ISO Standards for - ICS Reactor Engineering (27.120.10)

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$68.00 ISO 10645:1992 Nuclear energy -- Light water reactors -- Calculation of the decay heat power in nuclear fuels
$45.00 ISO 10979:1994 Identification of fuel assemblies for nuclear power reactors
$232.00 ISO 26802:2010 Nuclear facilities - Criteria for the design and the operation of containment and ventilation systems for nuclear reactors
$68.00 ISO 7753:1987 Nuclear energy -- Performance and testing requirements for criticality detection and alarm systems
$68.00 ISO 19226:2017 Nuclear energy - Determination of neutron fluence and displacement per atom (dpa) in reactor vessel and internals
$0.00 ISO 10270/COR1:1997 Technical corrigendum 1 to ISO 10270:1997
$68.00 ISO 10270:1995 Corrosion of metals and alloys - Aqueous corrosion testing of zirconium alloys for use in nuclear power reactors