ISO - ICS Category: 27 - Energy and Heat Transfer Engineering

ICS Category: ISO Standards for - ICS Nuclear Power Plants Safety (27.120.20)

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$103.00 ISO 11599:1997 Determination of gas porosity and gas permeability of hydraulic binders containing embedded radioactive waste
$45.00 ISO 14943:2004 Nuclear fuel technology - Administrative criteria related to nuclear criticality safety
$138.00 ISO 15080:2001 Nuclear facilities - Ventilation penetrations for shielded enclosures
$162.00 ISO 16117:2013 Nuclear criticality safety - Estimation of the number of fissions of a postulated criticality accident
$209.00 ISO 17873:2004 Nuclear facilities - Criteria for the design and operation of ventilation systems for nuclear installations other than nuclear reactors
$68.00 ISO 21613:2015 (U, Pu)O2 Powders and sintered pellets - Determination of chlorine and fluorine
$45.00 ISO 21614:2008 Determination of carbon content of UO2, (U, Gd)O2 and (U, Pu)O2 powders and sintered pellets - Combustion in a high-frequency induction furnace - Infrared absorption spectrometry
$68.00 ISO 6527:1982 Nuclear power plants -- Reliability data exchange -- General guidelines
$45.00 ISO 7385:1983 Nuclear power plants -- Guidelines to ensure quality of collected data on reliability
$68.00 ISO 8107:1993 Nuclear power plants - Maintainability - Terminology
$138.00 ISO 21243:2008 Radiation protection - Performance criteria for laboratories performing cytogenetic triage for assessment of mass casualties in radiological or nuclear emergencies - General principles and application to dicentric assay