ISO - ICS Category: 25 - Manufacturing Engineering

ICS Category: ISO Standards for - ICS Lathes (25.080.10)

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$103.00 ISO 1708:1989 Acceptance conditions for general purpose parallel lathes - Testing of the accuracy
$45.00 ISO 298:1973 Machine tools - Lathe centres - Sizes for interchangeability
$103.00 ISO 3655:1986 Acceptance conditions for vertical turning and boring lathes with one or two columns and a single fixed or movable table - General introduction and testing of the accuracy
$162.00 ISO 6155:1998 Machine tools - Test conditions for horizontal spindle turret and single spindle automatic lathes - Testing of the accuracy
$68.00 ISO 8956:1986 Acceptance conditions for copying attachments, integral or otherwise, for lathes - Testing of the accuracy
$29.00 JIS B 6131:2004 Machine tools -- Lathe tool posts -- Overall internal height