ISO - ICS Category: 65 - Agriculture

ICS Number ICS Category
65.080 Fertilizers
65.160 Tobacco- tobacco products and related equipment
65.060.01 Agricultural machines and equipment in general
65.060.70 Horticultural equipment
65.060.35 Irrigation and drainage equipment
65.060.40 Plant care equipment
65.060.80 Forestry equipment
65.145 Hunting
65.060.10 Agricultural tractors and trailed vehicles
65.060.50 Harvesting equipment
65.040.20 Buildings and installations for processing and storage of agricultural produce
65.040.99 Other standards related to farm buildings and installations
65.060.99 Other agricultural machines and equipment
65.020.01 Farming and forestry in general
65.120 Animal feeding stuffs
65.150 Fishing and fish breeding
65.060.25 Equipment for storage- preparation and distribution of fertilizers
65.020.30 Animal husbandry and breeding
65.020.20 Plant growing
65.100.01 Pesticides and other agrochemicals in general
65.060.30 Sowing and planting equipment
65.040.10 Livestock buildings- installations and equipment
65.060.60 Viticultural and wine-making equipment
65.060.20 Soil-working equipment
65.100 Pesticides and other agrochemicals