ISO - ICS Category: 17 - Metrology and Measurement

ICS Number ICS Category
17.040.01 Linear and angular measurements in general
17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment
17.160 Vibrations- shock and vibration measurements
17.040.30 Measuring instruments
17.060 Measurement of volume- mass- density- viscosity
17.140.01 Acoustic measurements and noise abatement in general
17.120.20 Flow in open channels
17.120.10 Flow in closed conduits
17.140.30 Noise emitted by means of transport
17.180.01 Optics and optical measurements in general
17.200.20 Temperature-measuring instruments
17.180.20 Colours and measurement of light
17.240 Radiation measurements
17.040.20 Properties of surfaces
17.140.50 Electroacoustics
17.180.30 Optical measuring instruments
17.040.40 Geometrical Product Specification
17.040.10 Limits and fits
17.020 Metrology and measurement in general
17.120 Measurement of fluid flow
17.100 Measurement of force- weight and pressure
17.220.20 Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities
17.200.10 Heat. Calorimetry
17.220.99 Other standards related to electricity and magnetism
17.080 Measurement of time- velocity- acceleration- angular velocity