ASTM - ICS Category: 01 - Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation

ICS Number ICS Category
01.040.25 Manufacturing engineering (Vocabularies)
01.040.77 Metallurgy (Vocabularies)
01.110 Technical product documentation
01.040.29 Electrical engineering (Vocabularies)
01.080.20 Graphical symbols for use on specific equipment
01.040.91 Construction materials and building (Vocabularies)
01.040.81 Glass and ceramics industries (Vocabularies)
01.040.49 Aircraft and space vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)
01.040.71 Chemical technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.23 Fluid systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)
01.040.27 Energy and heat transfer engineering (Vocabularies)
01.060 Quantities and units
01.040.79 Wood technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.07 Mathematics. Natural sciences (Vocabularies)
01.040.73 Mining and minerals (Vocabularies)
01.040.59 Textile and leather technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.13 Environment. Health protection. Safety (Vocabularies)
01.040.83 Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)
01.040.87 Paint and colour industries (Vocabularies)
01.040.85 Paper technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.61 Clothing industry (Vocabularies)
01.140.40 Publishing
01.040.55 Packaging and distribution of goods (Vocabularies)
01.040.75 Petroleum and related technologies (Vocabularies)
01.120 Standardization. General rules
01.040.93 Civil engineering (Vocabularies)
01.040.17 Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena (Vocabularies)
01.040.01 Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (Vocabularies)
01.140.30 Documents in administration- commerce and industry
01.040.97 Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports (Vocabularies)
01.070 Colour coding
01.040.65 Agriculture (Vocabularies)
01.040.03 Services. Company organization- management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology. (Vocabularies)
01.040.19 Testing (Vocabularies)
01.140.20 Information sciences
01.040.11 Health care technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.37 Image technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.31 Electronics (Vocabularies)
01.040.67 Food technology (Vocabularies)
01.040.35 Information technology. Office machines (Vocabularies)
01.080.99 Other graphical symbols
01.040.21 Mechanical systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)
01.140.10 Writing and transliteration
01.080.10 Public information symbols
01.040.43 Road vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)