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Traditional Chinese medicine - Vocabulary - Part 1: Chinese Materia Medica

ISO 18662-1:2017 Publication Description:

ISO 18662-1:2017 specifies the basic vocabulary for the Chinese Materia Medica (CMM), including most commonly used CMM species. Each term is provided a Latin name, Chinese name, Pinyin name and English name. Source-related definition of applicable parts and botanical name(s) of the plant, zoological family name of the animal, or mineral stated with mineral or rock title and active ingredients are given as note(s) for each item.

ISO 18662-1:2017 is intended to be used by those engaged in the practice and management of production, trade, research and education of crude natural Chinese medicinal materials.

International Classification for Standards (ICS)

ICS Classification Field ICS Field Sub-Group and Number
ICS-11-Health ICS Standards related to health care (11.020.99)

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