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Biomimetics - Terminology, concepts and methodology

ISO 18458:2015 Publication Description:

ISO 18458:2015 provides a framework for the terminology on biomimetics in scientific, industrial, and educational purposes.

ISO 18458:2015 is intended to provide a suitable framework for biomimetic applications. The field of biomimetics is classified and defined, numerous terms are described, and a description of the process of applying biomimetic methods from the development of new ideas to the biomimetic product is provided. The limits and potential of biomimetics as an innovation approach or as a sustainability strategy are also illustrated. In addition, ISO 18458:2015 provides an overview of the various areas of application and describes how biomimetic methods differ from classic forms of research and development. If a technical system is subjected to a development process according to ISO 18458:2015, then it is allowed to be referred to as a "biomimetic" system.

ISO 18458:2015 provides guidance and support for developers, designers, and users who want to learn about the biomimetic development process and integrate biomimetic methods into their work aiming at a common language for scientists and engineers working in the field of biomimetics. It can be applied wherever nature has produced a biological system sufficiently similar to the technical target system that can be used to develop a technical equivalent.

International Classification for Standards (ICS)

ICS Classification Field ICS Field Sub-Group and Number
ICS-07-Mathematics ICS Biology Botany Zoology (07.080)

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