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Standard Specification for Shelter, Electrical Equipment, Lightweight

ASTM Volume 04.12 Building Constructions (II): E 1672-latest

E2377-04 Publication Description:

This specification covers two types of lightweight electrical equipment shelters designed for transport on both the M1037 and M1097 high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) by rail, air, marine, and highway when mounted or dismounted from their vehicles. The shelters will be of the following types: Type I shelters without tunnel(17-2-0035-1); and Type III modified general-purpose shelters with tunnel (17-2-0035-3). Shelters shall undergo rigid verification procedures to inspect their conformance to requirements pertaining to physical performance, environmental performance, transportability performance, identification, toxicity, and flame resistance.

International Classification for Standards (ICS)

ICS Classification Field ICS Field Sub-Group and Number
ICS-29-Electrical ICS Electrical Equipment-Special Conditions-Other (29.260.99)

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